Pink Posy

Pink Posy

Hearts bounce all around when someone receives this simply arranged posy of the finest pink blossoms in town. While Red is for fiery love, pink is for puppy love. Cute and dainty, these are the most appropriate gifts for a budding romance. Make a good impression; make it last with our Pink Posy.

It’s always nice to make someone smile, all the more, blush. These are the things that make giving presents really meaningful and worthwhile and for such an affordable price, it looks like you got more than what you paid for!

Now if you’re not really into romantic inklings right now, it’s ok; our Pink Posy is also one of the most popular new baby gifts sent to welcome a baby girl. You might also want to be the nice guy in the neighbourhood, so send some of these darlings to your neighbour who’s celebrating her birthday.