Expert Flower Care Tips - by Cairns Florist Shop

Flower care information

We have developed this flower care guide as we would like to share with you how important the recipient's roll is in providing care for flowers therefore giving them a better chance of surviving.

This flower guide has also been constructed to generally educate people on how to care for flowers they may receive as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or just because.

Generally the process is that we get freshly cut flowers from our local farmers and also local markets, we either take them from the markets ourselves for they are delivered to us buy our courier drivers. Once they arrive at the store they put into refrigeration as soon as possible so as to hold back the aging process as quick as possible. The flowers are kept in our fridge until they are ready to prepare then they get to you, and this is where it's critical.

It really is as fine as this,  there is a window of a around about 15 to 20 minutes after the flowers are delivered where if certain processes are not adhered to they can dramatically affect the duration your flowers will last.

Give them love in the form of water

Getting a flowers into water within 15 to 20 minutes of them arriving is one of the most overlooked and easiest things to overcome when it comes to extending the life you flowers. Flowers loves water and then must be added to water as fast as you possibly can. It's advised that you add around about 5 cm of water above the bottom of the steps to a vase of your choice, please make sure that you have reached the vase with warm soapy water before adding the water. Beyond that we advise changing the water every 2 days and adding a half teaspoon of sugar into the water also. When you change the water every 2 days please ensure that you give the vase another good scrub with warm soapy water to rid it of bacteria they can build up and dramatic effect the life of the flowers.

Give you flowers food

Food? Yes that's right you must give your flowers food every two days, now she can come in various forms and it doesn't require too much effort to keep them healthy. The first stop in the food shop should come in the way of a small satchel that will generally come with your flowers and is approximately the size of matchbox. This is actually flower food and is using made up of various nutrients that flowers die off and just a wee bit of sugar. It strongly advise that when you change the water you add a little bit of this each time to the new and freshwater, including the first batch of water that you add to your vase.This flower food is incredible and is vital to the survival of your flowers.

Give them a clip

As a part of your routine every two days in looking after your flowers you should also give your flowers and little trim mainly focusing on the bottom of the stems. Trimming the flowers by only a few centimetres every two days allows water to travel far more easily up the water veins in the flower stems meaning that they will last longer. The flower stems tend to gather bacteria which inhibits the lifecycle of the flowers and also blocks water getting up to the parts that need it.The easiest way to cut the stems is with a pair of extremely sharp scissors so when you were doing this be super careful not to cut yourself.It's advised that you cut approximately 2 and a half centimetres, at a 45 degree angle, off the bottom of your stems every two days.

Trying to avoid using a knife for cutting a stems as a knife tends to be a little bit too abrasive and you can destroy the water veins in the stems that run up to the flower petals, meaning obviously that the flowers will die far quicker.

Cool flowers last longer

It's true that the cooler you can keep your flowers they long at the day will last, in saying that the optimum temperature for flowers to survive is roughly between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius which is the temperature of most homes anyway. That said finding a proper place to Parade your flowers is extremely important, it's advised to show your flowers away from any Windows that may be facing east or west as direct sunlight can dramatically hurt your flowers. We also suggest that you keep your flowers away from any ceiling fans or air conditioning vents, as these both tend to dehydrate the flowers.

If you have any further questions about how to care for your flowers, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you out.