Customer Information & FAQ

Can I order flowers for today?
In fact yes you can order flowers for today, just as long as it's not a Sunday,  unless of course it's Mother's Day then we do deliver on a Sunday.
Can I tell you what time am I flowers delivered?
We tend to not guaranteed delivery time so the answer to that is no, that said if you are sending flowers to a church for a funeral, as an example, these are the sort of times where we will get the flowers delivered on time.
What we can say however is that if you order before 2 p.m. the day you want your flowers to be delivered that we will have them there that day. If the flowers are going to a private home address we may deliver as late as 6 p.m., but usually before 5 p.m. If the flowers are going to a work address we will have the flowers there in the happy hands of your recipient before they finished work, which is usually about 5 p.m.
My friend lives in an apartment, can you deliver there?
We often get requests to deliver to various apartment blocks and units in the area but from time to time it can be a little tricky for our courier drivers. So it's really important that you give us the correct mobile phone number of the recipient of the flowers so that if we cannot reach them via the security intercom at the front door we can give them a call. We will not leave the flowers at the front door of a security building for safety reasons as the flowers will get stolen.
If we cannot contact the recipient and or leave the flowers we will return the flowers to the shop, this may incur a small and extra delivery fee.
Can you deliver to a Hospital?
Yes we can deliver to all hospitals locally however please ensure that you provide us when you order online all the correct patient information. Please be aware that we cannot deliver to a patient that is in an intensive care unit of a hospital, in this case the flowers would be left with the nurses and delivered at a later date.
Can I send a bunch of flowers to a hospital?
In actual fact you can send a bunch of flowers to a hospital but just be mindful that it's most likely that the hospital won't have a vase for the patient to put the flowers in, therefore the flowers may not last as long as they should. It's highly advise that you buy flowers that come in an arrangement as they need far less care and definitely don't need a vase.
What happens to the flowers if there is no one at the home?
If for example how courier driver gets to the home of the person who is receiving flowers and nobody is there, first of all we will call the recipient's phone number to see if they are nearby and arriving soon. If we cannot get through to the person we will find a very safe location for the flowers that is out of sight from any Main Roads nearby. It's worth noting that we won't hide them well enough so the recipient won't find them and they will be left out of the direct sunlight.
What do you charge for delivery?
We charge a flat fee of $12 for delivering any flowers to any location locally from Monday to Saturday.
Can I call you?
Yes you can and one of our staff members will be more than happy to assist you with things like ordering flowers over the phone, you can even get expert advice on what flowers you should order for the particular occasion you are ordering of them for.