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  • A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    A Single Wrapped Red Rose

    From $45

    This charming floral gift of a single red rose from Lily’s Florist Cairns is what you need...

  • Single  Red Rose in Presentation Box

    Single Red Rose in Presentation Box

    From $55

    Are you looking for a perfect way to set a romantic mood to the Valentine’s season? This g...

  • Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    Single Wrapped Rose With Teddy

    From $65

  • 6 Red Roses Bunch

    6 Red Roses Bunch

    From $75

  • 6 Red Roses Arrangement

    6 Red Roses Arrangement

    From $85

    Please note that the box shown is for display purposes only. If you order a box/arrangemen...

  • 6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    6 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy And Chocs

    From $110

  • 12 Red Roses Bunch

    12 Red Roses Bunch

    From $125

  • 12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    12 Red Rose Bunch With Teddy & Chocs

    From $155



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Are you looking for a Cairns Florist?

If you are truly looking for a Cairns Florist that can offer you that specialised service, then you can’t go past Lily’s Florist Cairns.

Would you believe, with more than 7,500 native flowering plant species in Queensland, 30% of these native flowers are endemic to Queensland alone? Besides, when Queensland arranged for its Centenary in 1959, the advice given for a suitable floral emblem was the Cooktown Orchid.

So, why not consider Lily’s Florist Cairns for your choice of beautiful flowers to be sent to any suburb in Cairns and district? Then when you order from Lily’s Florist Cairns, you can rest assured you will receive a personal service and long lasting relationship to ensure you obtain the best flower arrangement, for the best value; and with our secure site, you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

In 1770, Captain James Cook was the first European to discover the region of what is currently known as Cairns, as he navigated the coast of northern Australia.

Because the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns was difficult to navigate at that time, Cook’s ship the ‘HM Bark Endeavour’ sustained serious damage when it ran aground on a coral reef. The ship with crew managed to make repairs outside what is now the Endeavour River close to Cooktown, north of Cairns.

The rugged terrain around the region was difficult to explore as can be seen by the names given to some of Cook’s discoveries: Weary Bay, Hope Island and Cape Tribulation.

Although the region was explored in 1770, it was another hundred years before Europeans returned to settle. Gold was soon discovered at the Palmer River, east of Cooktown in 1872, establishing a gold rush which finally saw the founding of Cairns in 1876.

The moderately flat land north and west of the sheltered port of Trinity Bay redeemed what was essentially a sandy beach lined with swamps, mangroves, and rainforest.

After a diversity of names, from a Collector of Customs in Brisbane, Thornton; a colonial treasurer, Dickson; Newport, chosen by the people of Cooktown; the final name was selected in honour of Queensland’s first Governor, Sir William Wellington Cairns.

The first surveyed street in Cairns in 1876 was the Esplanade, and was originally named after a Fred Troughton of the Australian Steam Navigation Company’s travelling superintendent.

Originally a city of tents, Cairns began to establish major structures in the form of storage sheds and wharves. Fearing a risk of becoming a ghost town, a railway was chosen for the region as a service for the Atherton Tableland, thereby bringing income and new life.

The town of Cairns began to develop during the early 20th century as the Tableland and surrounding areas established agricultural and dairying industries. A major export trade became apparent with sugar cane growing, and remnants of huge sugar plantations can be noticed along the coast of the Cairns region.

Cairns has now developed in leaps and bounds, continuing to grow into a modern city.

Delivery Suburbs: Cairns Florist Shop delivers to the following places; Cairns, Parramatta Park, Westcourt, Cairns Base Hospital, Bungalow, Portsmith, Cairns North, Cairns Airport, Stratford, Edgehill, Freshwater, Redlynch, Kermerunga, Caravonica, Brinsmead, Kanimbla, Manoora, Mooroobool, Westcourt Hospital, Earlville, Bayview Heights and everywhere else in Cairns and its surrounds.

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